Sunday, 8 January 2017

Notorious feminists

I am a woman and I can breathe, think, feel, get harmed. I can study, work, get some rest, enjoy. I can hurt, shout, fight. A part of physical differences, what is it that makes me worth less than a man? 

Some people thinks I am a feminist in the strange meaning of this word: a woman who hates men, wants to be served by men, doesn’t want to cook, clean or shop. When I say I am a feminist, they look at me as if I were from the other planet. In those moments I feel quite confused. Because everybody who can think should be aware of the fact that feminists don’t have to hate men or refuse to cook. 

Let me explain: I like men (or some of them). And I like women (or some of them). Equally. Both men and women are able to work, to carry out family duties, to take care of children, to cook, to THINK, to BE FAIR. Of course: men cannot give birth to children and women can’t possibly carry  very heavy staff. But a part of those small (actually) aspects, we are all the same. 

So what can I think of all the men or women who think differently? Who limit other’s rights and bereave a chance for fulfilling one’s dreams? I can only suppose they don’t understand and that their minds cannot comprehend this problem. 

Sorry. And in the end I can only echo what Alicia Keys said one day:

"[I am a feminist because it's about] 'the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of political, social and economic equality'. "Whoever isn't [a feminist] is crazy."

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New year's letter

New year has come.

Do you have any resolutions? I do have some, but I’m not going to tell you what I have decided to do. Otherwise it will not fulfil. 

I want to tell you about something else, something I like to do on the first day of the new year: about writing a letter. You can choose the topic. I usually write things I would like to do in a new year and I write something that I would like to remind to myself-in-a-year. Then you close the envelope and hide it. And wait all year long. After 365 days you open it and check what has happened. It’s really nice to read the letter on the last day of an old year and to sum up everything you have done. 
This year I did it too and my letter waits for me in my special box. This year I decided to choose resolutions that I will be able to check. Because resolutions like ‘eat healthier’ or ‘do more exercises’ are quite difficult to validate. 

And you? Any resolutions? Or maybe, even, a revolution? ;)

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Come back, lazy weekends!

I miss our lazy weekends we would spend together watching movies, eating junk food, spending time together and taking rest from the busy week. I miss our arguments about the movie we choose or chocolate we buy, as if it was the most important thing in the universe. I miss going to sleep early and waking up late, drinking the morning coffee for an hour and making plans for the future. Because now all the weekends are busy. And it’s sick. 

I miss my free time because this year something happened, not only to me, but to the human kind. I don’t know if it’s the question of paper work, shorter days, everyday rush (even more intensive)... but this year I don’t meet people who have... time. Time is priceless and so we prefer to sacrifice it to work that to the other people and personal needs. 

I count the days to Wednesday, to coming back home, to baking Christmas cookies and helping my mum without talking about school, my master, duties, money, work, time, exams, tests, homework, cleaning house, cooking dinner, teaching others, teachers, students... ecc. I would like to enjoy doing nothing and not having remorses, because remorses are the worst. What are they for? Because nowadays I feel guilty when I don’t work, study and I feel guilty if I go to bed too early (there is so much to do yet!...). 

Do you feel the same? Is it what we call, adulthood?

Friday, 16 December 2016

Italian Christmas traditions

I wouldn’t like to spend Christmas in Italy. Generally I love this country, people, sagras and so on, but in my opinion Christmas traditions in Italy are... not interesting. Maybe it’s because in Poland this time is really special: we spend those days with our families, we divide Christmas wafer (which appears to be almost exclusively polish tradition) and leave an additional plate for an unexpected guest. 

In Italy it looks very different. Firstly, there is no snow, which ruins part of the Christmas atmosphere (unluckily in Poland we haven’t seen snow for Christmas time for a few years now too). Secondly, Italians do not spend the whole Christmas with their families: they go to the restaurants for the Christmas dinner, and later they party in the city with their friends. Thirdly, they eat strange things (which has nothing in common with our pierogi, bigos and barszcz). And, they eat Panettone and Pandoro – kind of a Christmas pound cake with dried fruit and powdered sugar which has  some really chemical aromas. I mean, it’s quite good if you eat one little peace, but after two or three you feel quite sick. 

And it’s also interesting that Italians do not celebrate 6 December but 6 January and that instead of Santa Claus the gifts are brought by Befana – an ugly witch!!! 

And you? Which are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Despicable politics

I know the topic of politics - especially polish politics, is rather difficult. But I cannot stand it anymore and I can't leave it with no comment. What is going on with our country? Why the government tries so hard to destroy it?

The thirst thing that makes me feel unsafe is that polish government seem to change everything their prodecessors have done. The new 'good change' should actually be called 'bad change' because for now we can't see any positive side of the government actions.

For instance, the latest change in education system is bizarre, unjustified and causes more disorder than improvement. Why can't we focus on doing something constructive instead of trying to divert everything which is stable?

Why are we going back to the times, when mass media were controlled by power and citizens had no access to actual information? Why does church influence politics instead of taking care of their own crisis? Why the president of Poland spends more time in church that in his office?

And finally: is it fair to deceive people, to use their simple-mindedness and to pay them some money (ruining  the country budget) to win the elections and introduce despicable acts of law? And finally - is it yet our country???

I don't want to live in 'it' anymore. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

My French

Have you ever tried to study French? I mean, non necessarily on the university, but in general? Because I have. And – sincerely – I hate german, but sometimes I think it would be easier to learn that horrible language than to speak and understand French.

We have all started to learn it during our Italian studies and after four terms of dramma I decided to choose English for the next three semesters. God bless you, UAM, for giving us that choice!

But I did not resigned completely from learning French. I’ve been studying it for 1,5 years now during private lessons. And still... I would never understand anything they say. They pronouce their words in such a strange way (bizarre!) that I can hardly repeat them. And no, I don’t hear ANY difference between ‘second’ and ‘twelfth’!!! 

I tried to listen to dialogues and songs. I learned a lot of words. I know the grammatical rules and many exception. I made a lot of effort to speak from time to time. NOTHING. I will never be able to use that language. 

Am I really so resistant or what???